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Sexual Harassment Cell

Gender Sensitization Cell: The  college  has  also set  up  a  Cell  for  Gender  Sensitization and  Prevention  of  Sexual  Harassment (CGSPSH) following  the  UGC  directives to look into the matters related to the prevention of sexual harassment and gender discrimination in the college campus. The cell functions following the “Vishakha Guidelines” of the Supreme Court. Awareness  and  counseling  programs  are  regularly  taken  up  by  the  cell  since  its  inception  in  2015. As per as the verdict of the Honorable Supreme Court the College had established Vishakha Committee for monitoring any incident regarding the mental and sexual harassments of women at workplace.

Eminent academicians who are expert in the field of Gender issues & Human Rights are invited as speakers to enlighten the students, teachers and non-teaching staff members.

Posters to create awareness  among  students  are  displayed  in  the  canteen,  library,  notice  boards and other prominent sites. Two Grievance boxes have been installed in the college building for assisting the  students  to  easily  communicate  their  complaints  to  the  proper  authority  for redressal. The Vishakha Committee had already taken few steps for the awareness among the female students. With the help of the NSS unit of the college, Vishakha Committee continuously engaged in this activity. But no such complaints from any corner have been registered yet. THLH Mahavidyalay has constituted a Committee against Sexual Harassment:


  1. Dr A K Chakrabarty, Principal (President)
  2.  Prof Sulata Mondal, Convener
  3.  Prof Suman Mukherjee, Coordinator, IQAC
  4. Prof Manisha Manna, Teacher Member
  5. Prof Sanhita Samanta, Teacher Member
  6. Prof Chandan Mandal, Program Officer, NSS
  7. Prof Beauty Mondal, Teacher Member
  8. Rajmati Mardi, NTS Member
  9. Secretary, Girl’s Common Room